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Slovenia has events of all kinds, to suit everyone’s taste. Every day there is a chance to see the work of the best artists from Slovenia and from further afield, while there are concerts and festivals at which to enjoy great music. You can support your favourite team or athlete at sports events, or test your own physical prowess at any number of recreational events. Ethnological and culinary events offer not just entertainment, but a chance to get to know local traditions and tastes. Children too can extend and challenge themselves in Slovenia.

Calendar of upcoming events

Choose from a selection of upcoming events to suit all tastes. ...more


Several interesting new festivals appear each year, many eventually becoming favourites. These are mostly in the ...more

Music events

There are thousands of concerts held in Slovenia each year. There are venues for both classical and pop, ranging ...more

Cultural events

Every day in Slovenia culture enthusiasts have plenty of events suiting all tastes to choose from. It is worth ...more

Ethnological events

These events are ideal for getting to know Slovenian customs and habits. The carnival parades are certainly ...more

Sports events

Slovenia hosts major sports events with top competitors from around the world. Recreational sports enthusiasts ...more

Entertainment events

Every one of Slovenia’s more than 200 municipalities organises entertainment events at least a few times a year, ...more

Culinary event

The most authentic culinary events take place in the countryside. The better-known include those held for ...more

Children’s events

During the school holidays and at weekends a number of free events are held for children. They can take part in ...more

Fair, business and promotion exhibition

Find out what is on offer at numerous trade fairs, shows and exhibitions. ...more

Other events

If none of the wide range of events above suits you, there are always workshops, literary meetings, debates, ...more


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