The wine-growing region of Primorska

The Southwestern part of Slovenia is the only region with the prevailing influence of the Mediterranean climate, which leaves a strong mark on the wines. During the hot, dry summers and mild winters with a strong bora wind, the winemakers of Primorska have been developing different white and red varieties of grapevine for centuries, among which some are autochthonous. Excellent wines are produced from such grapes. Numerous winemakers of Primorska are internationally recognised, while their wines are served in some of the best restaurants in the world.

The wine-growing region of Primorska has four wine-growing districts; each one has its own features, while all of them primarily produce strong, dry wines. Red wines prevail in the districts of Slovenian Istra and Karst, while winemakers in the wine-growing districts of Goriška Brda and the Vipava Valley primarily produce white wines, although red wines still represent a very important share.

Slovenian California

A special feature of the valley, situated between the Karst and the Trnovo plateau, can be found in the autochthonous wine varieties. The Vipava Valley, which is sometimes also referred to as Slovenian California due to its relatively mild climate, produces the following wines from the autochthonous grapevines: zelen, pinela, klarnica and pikolit. A sweet desert wine is produced from the latter. Besides the mentioned wines, the following white wines are also produced here: the beli pinot, rebula and sauvignon, and the red wines merlot, barbera and cabernet sauvignon.

In the company of olive trees, cherries and peaches

The picturesque hilly area of Goriška Brda by the border with Italy offers excellent conditions for vine growing. Besides the suitable soil and slopes of the terrain, the microclimate is also beneficial. Therefore, it is not unusual that the inhabitants, referred to as Brici, have some of the best Slovenian winemakers. White wine varieties, such as rebula, chardonnay, sauvignon, beli pinot and sivi pinot, are especially successful here, although the red wine varieties, primarily merlot and cabernet sauvignon, are full of flavour and flowery aromas as well. Furthermore, numerous winemakers also produce excellent wine blends. Besides its grapes, Brda, which is a very pleasant area for sightseeing and culinary and wine tastings, is also known for its famous cherry harvests.

The benefits of terra rossa

The smallest Slovenian wine-growing district, a plateau between the Gulf of Trieste and Vipava Valley, is the area of teran, which is considered to be a Slovenian wine speciality. The wine produced from the refošk grapevine is, because of the special Karst red soil (terra rossa), a strong, dry wine, full of flavour. It is an excellent companion to meat dishes, while in comparison with other wines, it has an extremely high share of lactic acid. Research has also indicated that the teran from Karst has several medicinal characteristics. It slows down anaemia and functions as an antioxidant. Furthermore, another speciality is produced from teran – a sweet teran liqueur.

In the land of refošk

The refošk vine is widespread in the wine-growing district of Slovenian Istra, which expands into the interior of the Slovenian coast. In the warmest Slovenian wine-growing area, malvazija, especially, has become popular again in recent years, while other international wine varieties are established as well, such as cabernet sauvignon, merlot and chardonnay.

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