Population of Slovenia

The inhabitants of Slovenia are regarded as hard-working, diligent and proud people. The most important values for the just over two million inhabitants include family, health and honesty. Something of major importance for the Slovenian national consciousness and sense of belonging is the Slovenian language, or slovenščina. This is the official language of the country, while in areas inhabited by members of the Italian and Hungarian ethnic communities, Italian and Hungarian are also official languages.

Ethnic groups

The population of Slovenia is considered to be relatively homogeneous. The majority of those belonging to other ethnic groups only moved to Slovenia after the Second World War. Most people came here from other republics of the former Yugoslavia, and found opportunities to work and raise families.

According to the latest census, the current make-up of the Slovenian population is:

- Slovenes 83 %
- Serbs 2%
- Croats 1.8 %
- Bosniacs and muslims 1.6 %
- Hungarians 0.3 %
- Albanians 0.3 %
- Macedonians 0.2 %
- Montenegrins 0.15 %
- Roma 0.17 %
- Italians 0.1 %

Despite their small numbers, the Italian and Hungarian ethnic communities have protected status. Each of these communities has a guaranteed seat for its representative in the 90-seat Slovenian parliament, and the two communities receive government funds for autonomous functioning.

The Roma community also has special status in Slovenia. Roma live mainly in eastern and south-eastern Slovenia.

Diffuse settlement

Slovenia is not a very urbanised country, with the proportion of the population living in towns and urban settlements barely exceeding 50 percent. Although this proportion is continuously increasing, the countryside is inhabited increasingly by older people, and especially owing to the more tranquil lifestyle, in many areas the countryside is continuing to develop.

The average population density in Slovenia is 99 people per km².

Slovenian character

Although the population of Slovenia shares many common characteristics, the Slovenians have some more recognisable qualities. Apart from being hard-working and diligent, the things they like doing, they do with great passion and energy. Slovenians are regarded as slightly more individualist, but on the right occasion they are able to show a great sense of solidarity and work for the benefit of the group and wider community.

One of the characteristic qualities of Slovenians is their persistent desire to prove themselves. This is most evident in sports. Slovenia has one of the highest proportions of the population in the world involved in extreme sports. The successful Alpinist and climbing expeditions to the Himalayas deserve mention.

If you believe the stereotype, the Slovenians are rather reserved people who know how to let their hair down in the right company. Despite the proverbial envy of neighbours or schadenfreude, the Slovenians are an open and hospitable people.

You can easily make yourself understood with Slovenians, since the great majority speak English and other languages well. Another of the highest values for Slovenians is friendship. So you can expect the friendships you develop in Slovenia to last all your life.

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