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You plan to set out to discover a particular part of Slovenia, and you want to know what's worth visiting and how to best enjoy a varied day. There are plenty of suggestions for discovering tourist stories in six travel plans under the title Next Exit. Discover why Slovenia is an ideal weekend destination. You can also go on guided tours or travel for several days around Slovenia during the week.

Emerald Route

Experience the unspoiled nature of northwestern Slovenia (Kranjska Gora - Nova Gorica - Vipava - Idrija) ...more

Amber Route

This is the route of enterprising people (Ljubljana - Maribor) ...more

Peddler route

From all corners of the world to the white birches (Metlika - Ljubljana) ...more

Sun route

Through the warm region of wine and healing waters (Lendava - Novo mesto) ...more

Wind Route

To the mysterious karst and the Adriatic Sea (Portorož - Ljubljana) ...more

Goldenhorn route

With the scenery of Alps and lakes (Ljubljana - Kranjska Gora) ...more

Slovenia for the weekend

Looking for tips about what to do for the weekend? A trip to Slovenia is an ideal choice. Since it lies right in ...more

Licensed tourist guides

The high level of skills among tourism personnel in Slovenia is reflected in the high-quality and diverse range of ...more

Guided tours

Everything has already been written up in the guidebooks about Slovenia, and you can read learn about anything ...more

Travelling around Slovenia

Slovenia is such a varied and diverse country that it is worth spending some time getting to know it. Come and ...more


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