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Hop trail hike

Zavod za kulturo, šport in turizem Žalec
Aškerčeva 9a 3310 Žalec

Hop Trail Hike is an annual event traditionally scheduled for the last Saturday in August, starting at 8 am.

The hike starts and ends in front of the Novo Celje manor and one of the first hop plantations in Savinjska dolina.

Next stops are:
- Vrbje pond,
- Roman Necropolis in Šempeter,
- Eco-Museum of Hop-Growing and Brewing Industry in Slovenia.

The 14 km hiking trail winding between hop fields takes you to the Vrbje pond, a natural reserve and bird habitat providing sanctuary to over 130 bird species.

Roman Necropolis - an archaeological park with magnificent tombs of Roman dignitaries richly decorated with scenes from Roman mythology.

Eco-Museum of Hop-Growing and Brewing Industry in Slovenia, which was opened in November 2009 in Žalec, is without doubt an important acquisition for the entire Lower Savinjska valley. The stories about the lives of hop growers in the past and the present, and objects connected to hop growing, will come alive again and stay alive for generations to come.

Visitors welcome. 

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Administrator : Zavod za kulturo, šport in turizem Žalec | ++386 3 712 12 69 |
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