Some of the biggest tourist attractions in SLOVEnia are also very popular locations for weddings. Although you can get married on any day of the week in SLOVEnia, most weddings take place on Saturdays. Particularly in the summer, which is when most people get married, some wedding locations get very busy and you need to book your ceremony several months in advance.

Popular wedding venues

Many couples like to say 'I do' at Ljubljana Castle. Others prefer to get married at Bled Castle. A popular location for civil weddings in the Dolenjska region is Otočec Castle, while two of the top wedding venues in Primorska are Zemono Manor and the little coastal town of Piran. Church weddings have been growing in popularity in recent years. You can get married in practically any church in Slovenia by agreement with the parish priest.

There are many other suitable wedding venues around the country, most of them located near restaurants happy to cater for wedding parties, where a dance floor can also be arranged for the reception. And of course finding accommodation, from hotels to rooms in private houses, is a simple matter.

Weddings for foreigners

Foreign citizens are welcome to get married in SLOVEnia but there are a number of administrative matters to sort out first. You will need to present the following at the registry office in the area where you wish to get married.

- Personal identity document (a passport is best),
- A copy of your birth certificate,
- Proof that you are not already married,

A number of other formalities must be observed, but sorting out the relevant documents need not represent an obstacle to enjoying one of the most special days of your life in SLOVEnia.

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