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Dovžanova soteska Canyon Trail

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You can reach this remarkable scientific natural attraction via the road through Tržič to the parking lot in Čadovlje. The trail first leads to a former drying shed for flax and fruit, locally called a “paštba.” Down the trail along the right bank of the Tržiška Bistrica River, you come to the narrowest part of the gorge, above which rise the Kušpegarj Belfries, natural rock pyramids. The locals built a hanging bridge across the wild river, and since the raging torrent destroyed it during every major downpour, they named it “Hudičev most” or “Devil’s Bridge.” At the end of the 19th century, a tunnel was built, through which you arrive at the geological pillar, which illustrates the rock structure of the Dovžanova soteska Canyon. At point 13 on the Slovene Geological Transversal, eighty-one fossil forms were defined and described, of which twenty-one were newly-discovered species. At the Dolina Exhibition Center, fosssils from various geological periods and a collection of rocks and petrified objects from the canyon are on display. 

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