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The visit of the largest slovenian village

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Today, we will go to »Davča« on foot. The settlement of approximately 60 inhabited houses or farms is scattered over the 8-kilometre long valley of the »Davča« brook and is therefore known as the largest Slovenian village. Presumably, you cannot make your round in two days and if you talk to friendly people there time flies. Those enjoying beautiful views will certainly like the trip. A signpost will direct us from »Selška dolina« to the side valley of the »Davča« brook and at the foothills of a quite narrow valley only farm signposts prove that we are in fact in the village. Turn left before a former industrial plant of the Niko factory and then park your car at »Jemec«'s. We can go on foot along a macadam road and then along a forest path through the so called »Kamnik« that leads to the meadow above the »Zakovkar home«. There is one of the first beauty spots here. We can then descend to »Zakovkar« and then go along the Loška Mountain Trail to »Jurež« and uphill in the direction of the »Pstinar« farm. The Alpine path then leads to »Porezen«. We then get to a brook, cross it and descend along the road leading to the beauty spots above the three waterfalls of »Davča«. We can then descend to the lower waterfall where there is an informative board. We can find out something about the height of the waterfalls. From here we can follow a macadam road to »Pavlin«. We suggest taking the short cut leading from a sharp curve a bit further to a stone-pit, first by a brook and then steeply uphill to »Jakobč«. A macadam road leads us then to »Pavlin«, »Štalc« and »Šebrejlenc«. These homes are situated at the height of more than 1100 m and the view is magnificent. The road then leads to a forest and further to the »Pri Podgozdarju« farm. A bit further we can see the »Vrhovec« farm, situated a bit lower, where every year during the third weekend in August there is an ethnological event called »The Day of Flax Dressers«. It is the time when »Davča« attracts many people because the locals present the old procedures of flax processing and linen making; the visitors can also try their’s hand at dancing and taste home-made food.
Our path then continues along the road, pass »Čumar« and »Bičkar« to the Cerkno Skiing Centre, across ski slopes to the »Čumar« inn and back to the bottom of the valley. We then have to get back to the bridge along the main road, cross the brook and then ascend back to »Jemec« along a footpath. After all this time and all the kilometres a warm snack, lunch or dinner will surely do you good so drive for about 3 kilometres further along the ridge to »Šoštar«. Those of you who were enchanted by »Davča« and want to spend a vacation here can book a room at »Šoštar«'s. 
Duration of tour : 4-5 hours 
Altitude difference : 280 m
Maps : Loka Thematic Paths 

Range of hiking available
family excursions, group tours, trails through forests 

21. 1. The Pri Jemcu Inn
Rozalija Jemec, 25 Davča, 4228 Železniki, tel. ++386 4 519 60 74
Opening hours: Saturday: 7.00-22.00, Sundays: 9.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m., Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 7.00 a.m. - 9.00 p.m., Monday and Wednesday closed.
Tourist offer: various drinks.

21. 2. The Jemc ecological farm
Miran Jemec, 25 Davča, 4228 Železniki, tel. ++386 4 519 60 25
Tourist offer: farm harvest (vegetable and potatoes).

21. 3. The Jurež ecological farm in Davško Brdo under Porezen
Franc Peternelj, 9 Davča, 4228 Železniki, tel. ++386 4 519 60 09
Tourist offer: home-made brandy (perry), potatoes.

21. 4. The Čumar Inn (lower station of the Brdo cable railway)
Peter Ambrožič, 19 Davča, tel. ++386 4 519 61 19 and ++386 4 519 60 22
Opening hours: all days of the week when the ski slope is open; outside the skiing season: Sundays from 2.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.
Tourist offer: cold and warm snacks (home-made sausages and minced lard) and various drinks.

21. 5. The Šoštar tourist farm
Peter Prezelj, 46 Davča, 4228 Železniki, tel. ++386 4 519 60 46
Tourist offer since summer 2005: lodging (20 beds), cold and warm snacks, lunches. 


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