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11. Rateče to Planica

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Organizer : LTO Kranjska Gora

Address: Kolodvorska ulica 1 b 4280 Kranjska Gora
Phone: ++386 4 588 50 20, ++386 4 580 94 40
Fax: ++386 4 588 50 21, ++386 4 580 94 41
The trail starts from the pillar at the bus station in Rateče. Head towards south, cross the main road and continue towards the Planica Valley. You can either walk along the asphalt road or you can take the cycling track that leads towards Podkoren. After several 100 metres turn right onto a nice path and later join trail No 9. In Planica you can see two ski jumps where a man jumped over 100 metres for the first time, and the biggest ski-flying hill in the world where the 200m mark was reached as well.  
Duration of tour : 1 h 
Dolžina : 4,9 km

undemanding walk 

around the valley 

Range of hiking available
family excursions, walks 


Administrator : LTO Kranjska Gora | ++386 4 588 50 20 | | last modified: 22/08/2014

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