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Europeen Long Distance Footpaths - E7, Slovenia

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Organizer : Kommisson for European Footpaths in Slovenia - KEUPS

Address: Večna pot 2, 1000 Ljubljana
It is par of the Atlantic-Black Sea Trail, crossing Slovenia in the west-east direction. It has the most mountainous character in the beginning part, where its highest point is that of Porezen (1630). Its final section leads over more flat, wide terrains, inviting us to hike towards Pannonian basin, where it continues over Hungary towards Romania. Hiking duration: around 30 days; length: 600 km; difficullty rating: easy to middle dificulty; start: Robič border crossing; finish: Hodoš border crossing.

Aljoša and Mateja Kramberger hike along Footpaths E7 in Slovenija for patients with cancer. Read more here.
Duration of tour : around 30 days 

moderately difficult tour 

in low mountains, in high mountains, around the valley 

Joze Prah 
Trg 5, 1433 Radeče 
Tel. : 03 568 84 85 
Tel. 2 : 041 657 560 
E-mail :  
Administrator : Komisija za evropske pešpoti | ++386 41 657 560 | | last modified: 15/07/2014

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