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To Porezen, 1,630m

Porezen is known for its very wide view and lush flora. Here you can find some very beautiful alpine plants: short-haired santwort, Pannonian gentian, auricula and alpine sea holly, also called “queen of the mountains”. The view stretches as far as the eye can see, over the most interesting mountaineering parts of Slovenia, including the Škofja Loka, Polhov Gradec and Idrija hills, the Trnovo forest, Nanos, Javornik and Snežnik; across Banjšice towards the Furlanska Nižina lowland, the peaks of the Lower Bohinj Mountains beyond the Baška Grapa Gorge, and the central part of the Julian Alps, including Triglav, in the background.
There are marked trails from different directions leading to Porezen. We recommend ascending from Cerkno via Poče and descending via Labinje.

Duration of tour : 6–7 hours 
Dolžina : 14 km

moderately difficult tour 

Maps : Idrijsko in Cerkljansko (1 : 50.000),Škofjeloško in Cerkljansko hribovje (1 : 50.000), Cerkno (1 : 25.000) 
LTO Laufar Cerkno 

Winter hike to Porezen, Sunday closest to 24 March 

LTO Laufar 
Močnikova 2 
Tel. : ++386 5 373 46 45 
Tel. 2 : ++386 51 644 557 
E-mail :  
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