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Path to Krka river

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Organizer : TIC Dolenjske Toplice

Address: Sokolski trg 4 8350 Dolenjske Toplice
Phone: ++386 7 384 51 88
Fax: ++386 7 384 51 89
From the centre of Dolenjske Toplice along the hundreds of years old avenue,
over the parking place to Sušica. The path continues along the forest edge, on
the left bank of the stream to the bridge under Dolenje Gradišče, where the
track meets the asphalted road. We follow this road to the bridge over the Krka
River at Dolenje Polje, under which there is also an outflow of the Sušica River.
Before the bridge we turn left onto the cart track, that leads alongside the
Krka River among the fields all the way to Meniška village. In the centre of the
village the cart track joins the local road with a sidewalk that we follow back to
Dolenjske Toplice.
• Sušica River: on the way to the Krka River we can admire the distinctive river
corridor of the karst river, rocky river banks and diverse riparian vegetation.
• Krka River: from the wooden bridge over the Krka river at Dolenje Polje there
is a beautiful view of the river. On its left bank lies what was once a watering
place, which now serves as the village swimming pool in the summer.
• The outflow of the Radeščica River: view in front of Meniška village of the
Radeščica River outflow and the spacious flooding plain of Loško polje with
the Church of Saint Martin in the distance.
• Meniška village: the biggest settlement in the community. The name (Monk
village) lets us know that the village used to be a part of Stična Abbey. The
settlement is marked by the Church of Saint Anton on the side of Cvinger, on
top of which used to be a prehistoric building.
• The fir forest between Meniška village and Dolenjske Toplice: one of the
lowest fir growing places in Slovenia. 
Duration of tour : 1 hour 
Dolžina : 4,9 km

around the valley 

Altitude difference : 20 m

Range of hiking available
family excursions, walks 


Administrator : TIC Dolenjske Toplice | ++386 7 384 51 88 | | last modified: 29/03/2013



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