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Via Alpina Purple Trail

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Via Alpina Purple Trail

Is one of four connecting trails – the threads of the Via Alpina trails. The very start of the trail is in the heart of the Julian Alps under Triglav, in Dolič.. No matter how close Mount Triglav is, the Via Alpina just goes past it and descends into one of the most beautiful glacier valleys, Vrata. 
The mighty north wall of Triglav reminds us of its magnificence and a reverent attitude towards the mountains. Before closing Vrata (»the door«) behind us, we really should take the time to see the Peričnik Waterfall and step behind its water curtain. The Julian Alps are left behind and we are already in the second highland massif, the Karavanke Mountains. For starters they offer us Golica, known for its blooming meadows of daffodils if we find ourselves there in the month of May. Otherwise, the trail across the Karavanke the whole time leads along a ridge, so we have a wonderful view on all sides - the Drava Valley on one side and the Sava Valley on the other side. When we reach Stol, the highest peak of the Karavanke, we also have a beautiful view of Lake Bled. On our way we might also be accompanied by some domestic animals, cows and sheep, which have excellent conditions in this part of the world for grazing. 
This can also be seen at the Preval alpine pasture, where we may be served homemade dairy products. With that we have walked across the Karavanke and enter the world of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Across Dobrča we will come to the ancient town of Tržič, which draws us in with its simplicity. Ahead of us is a new ascent over Kriška Gora below the alpine loner, Storžič, which is very prominent due to its solitary position. The Via Alpina goes past it and descends to Koroška in Zgornje Jezersko.
A rest next to Planšarsko lake with a view of the north walls of Kočna, Grintovec, Skuta, Baba, and others is an absolute must; it will fill us with the new energy we will need if we want to make it to Oberstdorf (Germany), where the Purple Trail joins back up to the Red Trail.

For additional information on the Purple Trail of the Via Alpina in Slovenia, you can contact Peter Šilak. 

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in low mountains, in high mountains, around the valley 

Maps : PZS, Julian Alps – eastern part (1:50,000), PZS, Slovenian Istria, Čičarija and Karst (1:50,000), GZS, Notranjska Karst (1:50,000); GZS, Coast and Karst (1:50,000); GZS, Škofja Loka and Cerkljansko Hills (1:50,000); PZS, Mount Triglav (1:25,000) 

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Welcome to Via Alpina!

More than 5000 km of marked footpaths divided into 341 stages, one day each, will take you on an experience of the wonderful alpine world through eight alpine countries. They will take you through a unique natural world, through unique fauna and flora, through the cradle of mountaineering, through the territory of more than 13 million inhabitants, from the sea surface to the peaks, which reach even above 3000 m high. By the trail you will be able to get acquainted with exquisite natural and cultural heritage, experience the highland world, far from civilisation, or make friends with the people who live in these oftentimes remote places. The marked footpaths you will travel along, accompanied by the
Via Alpina logo, will take you to overnight accommodations and refreshments after your pleasant walk.  
Are you worried about the level of difficulty?
You shouldn’t be!
The paths lead over trails that are not demanding, without any difficult sections, and are accessible to all hikers from the youngest to the oldest, from individuals to families. Meanwhile, those more demanding will be invited to more difficult ascents, which require only a short deviation from our trails.


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