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Via Alpina Red trail

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Via Alpina Red Trail

The red thread of the international Alpine transversal, which starts its way in Trieste. It enters our country at the border crossing Pesek pri Kozini. After a short ascent it leads us through wonderful meadows to Lipica, where, if we pay proper attention, we will be able to catch a view of some of the most beautiful horses, the Lipizzaners.
Through the small village of Lokev, where we can see the military museum Tabor Lokev, and across the flowing Karst meadows, we arrive at the famous Škocjan Caves which draw us in with their beauty and magnificence. After this, our first serious ascent above 1000 m to Nanos awaits us.
Back again to the valley and to Predjama, where Erazem Predjamski is already waiting for us to lead us on a tour of Predjama Castle. From there, a slow but steady ascent to Javornik is ahead of us, repaying us with a wonderful view towards the sea. Especially in winter when there are skiers descending its slopes.

The altitude will slowly begin to drop when we descend to Idrija, the ancient town of laces and mercury, through Črni Vrh. After visiting the mining museum and a refreshment of Idrija »žlikrofi« we will continue on our way. Next comes a new attraction, the Partisan Franja Hospital, which has been renovated into an open-air museum and reminds us of the difficult times during World War II. With our ascent to Porezen, the wonderful world of the Julian Alps opens up in front of us. Over Črna Prst, which fascinates us with its rich Alpine vegetation and Komna highland plateau, we enter the unique world of the Triglav Lakes.. The view of our highest mountain, Mount Triglav, enchants us, but at the last minute the Via Alpina takes a detour and heads to the valley of the river Soča - Trenta. Clear water and high mountains overhead accompany us on a visit to the Triglav National Park Museum in Trenta. However, as we continue along, we cannot leave out a visit to the wonderful Alpinum Juliana botanical gardens and the source of Soča.

Though by foot and not by road, we nevertheless reach the highest mountain pass road in Slovenia, Vršič, and just a little further from there Sleme with its little lakes in the shape of eyes, and at the same time Slemenova špica, which rises high above the Tamar valley like a rocky pier. 
Jalovec behind us and Tamar below us lead us to the largest ski jump in the world, in Planica. With that we have left the Julian Alps behind and we enter the Karavanke Mountains; however, after a little over an hour of walking, the path turns towards Austria. 

If we are persistent enough, at the end we will be rewarded with the chance to laze around on the beach of the Mediterranean Sea in the very fashionable Monte Carlo (Monaco), where the Red Trail ends.

For additional information on the Red Trail of the Via Alpina in Slovenia, you can contact Peter Šilak.

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Maps : PZS, Julian Alps – eastern part (1:50,000), PZS, Slovenian Istria, Čičarija and Karst (1:50,000), GZS, Notranjska Karst (1:50,000); GZS, Coast and Karst (1:50,000); GZS, Škofja Loka and Cerkljansko Hills (1:50,000); PZS, Mount Triglav (1:25,000) 

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Welcome to Via Alpina!

More than 5000 km of marked footpaths divided into 341 stages, one day each, will take you on an experience of the wonderful alpine world through eight alpine countries. They will take you through a unique natural world, through unique fauna and flora, through the cradle of mountaineering, through the territory of more than 13 million inhabitants, from the sea surface to the peaks, which reach even above 3000 m high. By the trail you will be able to get acquainted with exquisite natural and cultural heritage, experience the highland world, far from civilisation, or make friends with the people who live in these oftentimes remote places. The marked trails you will travel along, accompanied by the
Via Alpina logo, will take you to overnight accommodations and refreshments after your pleasant walk.  
Are you worried about the level of difficulty?
You shouldn’t be!
The paths lead over trails that are not demanding, without any difficult sections, and are accessible to all hikers from the youngest to the oldest, from individuals to families. Meanwhile, those more demanding will be invited to more difficult ascents, which require only a short deviation from our trails.



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