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To Velika planina

TIC Kamnik
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Exceptional views of Kamnik-Savinja Alps, preserved pastoral heritage and tradition make Velika planina the most beautiful alpine pasture in Slovenia.

Starting poits: the lower cable car station to Velika planina

Walking time: 40 min, from the upper cable car station to the highets point of Velika planina (Gradišče, 1666 m)

When: all year round

Do not forget: hiking outfit and walking sticks required

Difficulty level: easy and accessible all year round. Mind the foggy weather, which can make the the orientation on the mountain difficult. To get to/return from Velika planina by cable car, check the timetable.

The lower cable car station in Kamniška Bistrica divides the valley into two parts. A glacier transformed the upper part and the river transformed the lower. There is also a large parking lot in front of the lower cable car station. The cable car operates all year round and brings you to Velika planina in 5 minutes. When you reach the upper car station, head for a hike along the charming meadows and pastures. Follow the marked footpaths to Tratica (Zeleni rob Mountain Lodge Bar) or Gradišče (1666m, the highest point of Velika planina).

Continue to the herdsman village on the eastern side of Gradišče. Thanks to breath-taking views and well-preserved pastoral heritage Velika planina is considered the most beautiful Slovenian alpine pasture. Visit in the summer, when the herdsman bring their cattle to summer grazing and create unique landscape.

The only herdsman hut with preserved tradional oval shape in Preskar Museum Hut, very interesting is also Mary of the Snows Chapel. Once on Velika planina, do not forget to taste sour milk and cheese produced by the herdsmen. Ask for trnič, the cheese charateristic of Velika planina.

If you wish, you can continue your hiking tour to Mala and Gojška planina and planina Kisovec. All trails are well marked and also the  herdsmen will be always willing to help you find the right way.


- Velika in Mala Veternica (colapsed caves),

- the Herdsmec Settlement on Velika planina,

- Preskar Museum Hut,

- Mary of the Snow Chapel,

- Gradišče - the highest point of Velika planina,

- alpine flora - spring and summer flowers.


Tourist facilities:

- the cable car and chair lift to Velika planina

- cheese and sour milk at the herdsmen settlement (Herdsman's cottage Gradišek)

- Zeleni rob Mountain Lodge on Velika planina

Domžale Mountain Lodge on Mala planina (+38651 665 665)

- Jarše Mountain Lodge on Mala planina (, +38641 676 254)

- Črnuče Mountain Lodge on Mala planina (+38641 621 732)   





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Place: Stahovica
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Administrator : Zavod za turizem in šport v Občini Kamnik | ++386 1 831 82 50 |
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