Hiking destination

Choosing a hiking route in a country which has thousands of kilometres of such paths can sometimes be more difficult than walking itself. Why not let someone do the choosing for you and find a route that suits you in a destination offering hiking packages? Or try out some of our tips, which will definitely turn up a route that appeals to you.

Package tailored to your needs

Hiking packages are quite new to tourism in Slovenia, which is perhaps surprising given the number of hiking and walking routes, and are definitely a response to the desires and needs of hikers. If a well-marked and maintained route isn't already enough to make you set off; if you’re worried that you’ll get lost or that you’re not fit enough; if you’d like to know a bit more about the surroundings of the route from locals or trained guides, then you can choose from one of our hiking packages.

They will provide you with a guide at specialised accommodation or at information points at hiking destinations, who can coordinate your walking wants and needs. If the guide is not going with you on the hike, you’ll be provided with excellent hiking maps and filled in on details of the route. You will also be provided with a snack. After returning you’ll be able to enjoy a more robust meal and relax, and perhaps even treat yourself to a foot or leg massage. Other services are also sometimes available to hikers.

New tips

Offers on our website are worth checking, even if you prefer to set out on a route “under your own steam”. If you try out our hiking suggestions, we’d love it if you left us some comments on how you got on. And, of course, have a great trip.

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