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Agency LIFE Adventures - Escalada en roca en Eslovenia

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Realizador : LIFE Adventures

Dirección: Grajska cesta 10 4260 Bled
Phone: ++386 4 201 48 75, ++386 40 50 88 53
Inspiration for Discovering Slovenia

Have you ever shouted "I am happy!" to the other side of a valley? Have you ever had the feeling that tomorrow would enrich you with a new experience? Were you ever aware that infinite opportunities for discovery were close at hand? Would you like to know how we live here on the sunny side of the Alps? Would you like to experience the peace of purity somewhere in an unforgettable corner of our small, yet large, Slovenia? To find a moment for active recreation high above the valley where the horizon is sketched in iridescent colours, or somewhere deep in a valley where a wild and pure emerald-green river twists its way?

Breathe in inspiration for travel and join us in discovering Slovenia!

We organize:

- Rock climbing and absailing courses around Bled and Bohinj
- Rock climbing courses around Slovenia
- Climbing for familes 
- Climbing trips around Slovenia
- Adventure camp for Climbers / www.adventurecamps.si


LIFE ADVENTURES is a Bled based tourist agency in Slovenia. We are a company specialised for adventure travel, trekking, mountaineering, hiking, caving, climbing, water sports and other outdoor activities.

LIFE ADVENTURES has been running active holidays for 8 years.

During the summer and winter time we provide the ultimate resource on outdoor adventure and pleasant stays in Slovenia. We have a long tradition of experience, we are young, energetic and yet professional and responsible.

Our goal is to provide the best active holidays whilst benefiting our host communities as much as we can. We do more than simply visit an area. We get under its skin by exploring landscape, wildlife, mountains, karst, history, traditional culture, cuisine and music. We have the widest choice of adventurous and active holidays in Slovenia.

We will take you to the most fascinating and exciting places in Slovenia. And, don’t forget that you are always on the way to new discoveries with professional guides and friendly staff.


We organize all kind of activiities:

- canyoning
- hiking
- trekking
- via ferrata
- free climbing
- mountain biking
- cycling tours
- rafting
- self guided tours
- adventure camps
- winter activities: husky sledding, ice climbing, tobogganing, skiing, snowshoeing
- and a lot more...

Número mínimo de participantes : 1 
Número máximo de participantes : 40 

Se puede pagar
American Express, solo al contado, Diners, tarjetas bancarias, cheques de viajero, Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard, tarjetas de crédito 

GPS Northing (N) : 46,3716 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,1061 


Mantenimiento de servicios
Organizadores de eventos, Transportes, Agencia de viaje, DMC, incentivos, Educación, Incentivos 

Administrator : Lajf d.o.o. | 04 201 48 75 | | last modified: 19.11.2013
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GPS N: 46,3716
E: 14,1061
Destino turístico: Alpes Julianos
Lugar: Bled

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