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Sečovlje salt-pans - summer sunset Portorož - pier Portorož - pier at night
 Sečovlje salt-pans - summer sunset  Portorož - pier  Portorož - pier at night
Author: Burger Author: Burger Author: Burger
Isola - pier Hrastovlje - interior of the church Karst groove
 Isola - pier  Hrastovlje - interior of the church  Karst groove
Author: Burger Author: Burger Author: Burger
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  • Place the mouse cursor on the rotating volume picture, left-click the mouse, hold left-click button and slide the cursor over the picture.
  • Button SHIFT + right-click the mouse = maximizing the depth of the volume picture
  • Button CTRL + right-click the mouse = minimizing back to the original depth


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