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Foresteria and Armeria

Tito square 3 and 4 6000 Koper
The Foresteria and Armeria are two connected buildings that close the western side of the Tito square in Koper. In the past both buildings formed a part of a common building complex toghether with the Praetorian Palace, which was the seat of the town's political power. They were formed in the 15th century, in the 18th century they were connected with an uniform facade becouse of which today they give an impression of a unified building.

The Foresteria, in the past also named "Albergo nuovo", was used for the reception and accomodation of the podestate's guests. It was used also by the podestate himself as a temporary residence, especially when after the end of his office he was waiting for the departure to Venice or for the departure to a new assigmnet by the Serenissima central administration. The Foresteria is adorned on it's left side with a beutiful rinascimental portal named "Porta del Corte". The erection of the portal was ordered by the podestate Pietro Loredan in 1505. On the tympanum of the portal there is Loredan's coat of arms. The portal led in the inner courtyard of the complex where there once stood the small church of St. Catherine.

The Armeria, formerly called "Magazzino delle munizioni" was used as the main armoury of the town until the 16th century. After that the building became the seat of an institution called "Monte di Pietá", a financial institurion that was used to give non-profit loans to the poor people. After the closing of this institution it was home of the town's administration and vidames and in the 19th century it became the seat of the municipality. For this reason on the main portal of the armeria we can se the former coat of arms of the town with the Meduza head and with the writing "Municipio", which was put there in 1872. After the second world war the building then served as a courthouse, on the side facade there were several memorial plates of second world war victims built in.

Today both bulidings are renovated and they serve to the needs of the University of Primorska and it's faculty of humanities.  

GPS Northing (N) : 45,5483 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,7293 
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