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Malek Vineyard Cottage

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Address: Svetinje 22 2259 Ivanjkovci
Phone: ++386 2 741 77 76, ++386 51 370 609
Jeruzalem wines used to ripen in many vineyard cottages on the hills, among others also in Malek. The former Malek house of lords, which stands by the road between Jeruzalem and Svetinje, was a typical rich vineyard owners' cottage in Slovenske gorice Hills in the past. The vineyard cottage obtained its name after the derivative from the German word 'Maylegg', 'Maleck' or 'Malegg' which means a castle standing on the edge of a hill, however, it is also the place from where decisions were executed.  In the building is an enormous press and below it, vaulted cellars. A special attraction of that renovated noble house, one of numerous such houses in the area, is the house’s chapel. The fresco of lively blue and red colours has been preserved in it, in the left corners are two angels and around Mary is a rich vegetation framework carried by two cherubs. The house of lords, or better, the large vineyard cottage belonged under the Branek Lordship whose owners since the year 1527 were the Friuli Counts from the Codroipo family. At the end of the 19th century the Fischerau family, landowners and wine merchants from Leoben, became the owners of Malek and the estate in Veličane. On 1st July 1948, the estate became general national property, it was given under the direction of the Administration of the State Properties Jeruzalem–Svetinje.  Today the vineyard cottage has been managed and owned by the 'Jeruzalem Ormož – VVS'. In the pleasant ambience of the 400-year-old Malek vineyard cottages, guests can experience and taste the charm and elegance of the wines of the Jeruzalem Ormož Wine Cellar. 
GPS Northing (N) : 46,4701 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,1748 
Administrator : Javna razvojna agencija občine Ormož - TIC Ormož | ++386 2 741 53 56 | | last modified: 26/11/2014
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GPS N: 46,4701
E: 16,1748

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