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The legend of The holy spring, Laško

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At the foothills of the Hum slope, a meadow, which belongs to Laško archparish, is speading out next to the common road. On the slightly risen place on the other side of the road, just opposite the pasture, a spring is running with all its power for wayfarers and animals to quench their thirst with the best water in the whole valley of Laško.The spring was stemmed by master Picco in the year of 1849 and it belonged to the construction company of the state railways, later tha southern railway. A chapel with a niche was built uphill not far from the spring and birch trees planted around it to provide a pleasant shadows, however they were later replaced by pine tree garden. Next to the chapel, there was a manger for animals to drink from. This very spring has brought itself into favour both with the citizens of Laško as well as with foreigners up to a point to become the most beautiful promenade along the Savinja river as far as to the holy spring. No sweeter could be the night of June than the one spent here, where the spring mysteriously murmurs in its flow and the white chapel glitters in the moonlight and yet the scene is embellished by secret tiny lights; the glowworms. Down there on the pasture the crickets are mischievously singing their songs and the frogs are croaking in a deep pool all the summer night long. No wonder a legend was born about this fascinating spring. On an unusually hot and dry summer day a priest was carrying the Host to a dying man in a remote and mountainous village. The preach, however, was not alone, he was accompanied by another man. The path took them past the spring and both of them were suffering a tremendous thirst. The spring was only falling in small drops, thus the two men were not able to quench. Suddenly, the priest pored over a short prayer and crossed the spring by the Host. The spring began to pour water by such a lavish jet of water that both of them managed to quench their thirst to their hearts's desire. For this reason the spring has still been named "the holy spring". 

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