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Steam engine, Zidani most

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The SH-1 is one of the type steam engines manufactured by Vulcan factory in the town of Stettin (now in Poland) for the purpose of local, harbour and industrial railway tracks. It origins back to the year 1913 and it was registered under the no. 2907, first to drive on the private Liegnitz – Rawitsch railway and numbered by 103, later 102 and even 72d, and then to be eliminated from the rolling stock and sold. Probably, it came in reuse in Poland, since the Liegnitz – Rawitsch railway used to be interstate before 1939 (Liegnitz was in then German Silesia, Rawitsch in Poland). The engine had been off the track until it appeared again in the region of Zasavje coalmines during Second World War.

Not for a long time, it was used as a shunting engine in Trbovlje and by Steklarna Hrastnik in recent years. It was maintained by the engine-shed in Zidani Most, where it was finally protected as a museum exhibition piece, restored and set as a monument. Its reconstruction employed the whole railway-knot at Zidani Most including young volunteers.

Another reconstruction followed in 2001 under the coordination of Zidani Most supervisory station. The steam engine is the only of its kind on Slovene territory and has never been included in the JŽ rolling stock as a result. Although being old-fashioned by its birth already, it is technically a successful construction. It was run by saturated steam no matter the heated-steam engines had been manufactured since the beginning of the century and it was not economical of coal and steam.

Basic technical data:
Typ: Dn2
Length: 9960 mm
Drive-wheels diameter: 1030 mm
Cylinder diameter: 460 mm
Piston motion: 540 mm
Dead weight: 37t
Employed weight: 48t
Axial load: 12t
Maximal speed: 40km/h
Power cca: 300kW(400KM)


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