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Rimske Toplice Thermal spa

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Due to its curative characteristic, the thermal water, which springs in Rimske Toplice, was popular with the old Romans already, who constructed a thermal bath on their way to Celeia and further to Petovia. For this reason, Rimske Toplice is quite reliably supposed to have existed in the time of Tiberius, who was at the helm from the year 14 A.C. to the year 37 A.C.. Many different objects, excavated during the renovation works of the old thermae in the previous century, bear witness to this fact, f.i. the remains of buildings, mosaics, coins, pieces of decorations, dishes, etc, of which the most important are supposed to be the eleven vow memorials devoted to water nymphs and one to the goddess of health.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the thermal spa of that time probably fell by the migration of peoples too and the place is supposed to be hardly damaged by the catastrophic earthquake in 1201 as well. In the 13th century, the thermae was in the possession Laško lordship, when in 1529 the spa was attacked and pillaged by the Turks. Many landlords arrogated it to themselves and until the 19th centrury the success of the thermal spa was rather weak.
In 1840, however, when bought by Gustav Adolf Uhlich, the wholesaler from Trieste, the thermal spa experienced a new revival by the proprietor's special care for the bath venue. Four swimming-pools were built and the redeemed neighbouring farm areas were changed into the park. In 1856 Sofia Mansion with 50 accommodation posts was also built to allow the magnificent Charlotte's veduta. In 1873 the thermal spa was renewed again and only the biggest swimming-pool was left to further use, while the others were changed into 12 large and 4 smaller bathing huts arranged around the domed building, the middle of which was decorated by Ivan Koravljina's statue of the water nymph. Later on, four statues dedicated to water nymphs were found in-built in the walls. In meantime, thermal water was discovered in Laško in 1854 to turn the town into another thermal spa resort, and Uhlich renamed the then Thermae into Romaerbad (Rimske Toplice – Roman Thermal Spa) which became the first class spa visited by famous guests coming from different towns of the monarchy, f.i., the queen Carolina Murati, the sister od Napoleon I, which was proved by a memorial plaque engraved into the wall next to the bath. The quests managed to witness a sensational event when the princes of England and Prussian heiress apparent to the throne Victoria spent holidays in the spa in 1879, in whose honour the giant sequoias brought from Kew Gardens, London were planted and have still been embellishing the area in all their beauty. Beside that, she was also honored? by a footpath leading from the building to the forest and given the name after her. Rimske Toplice was visited by the imperatrix Augusta too, who planted one of exotic trees as well and it is right the spa park to be a significant sight, because more than 40 tree species have been planted in it by all prominent visitors to the thermal spa as the monuments to their memories of staying here and as thanks for a susccessful medical treatment. In 1918, the 1216 m long promenade was made running from the building towards Zidani Most direction and given its name Ruska steza (The Russian path) after the Russian prisoners of war who built the path.

The last proprietor of the Thermal Spa in Rimske Toplice was Gustav Uhlich, who constructed an open-air thermal swimming-pool in 1931 to make the resort even more popular not only as a spa resort, but also as a holiday resort.

The Uhlich family kept the place in its possession up to 1945, when the thermal spa was taken over by the Yugoslav Army, which ran it until 1991. The thermal spa was being constantly renewed and gave the place a vivacious happening. The town made a significant progress, many blocks of flats were built as well as a new school, nursery-school, private houses.


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Rimske Toplice

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Place: Rimske Toplice
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