Basic information on Slovenia

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Population: 2,055,000

Position: Slovenia is in central Europe.

Area: 20,273 km2

Government: Slovenia is a democratic republic founded on the principle of the separation of powers of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of authority.

Capital city: Ljubljana, population: 280,000

President of the Republic: Borut Pahor
Prime Minister: Miro Cerar

President of the National Assembly: Milan Brglez

Membership of international organisations: Slovenia has been a member of the European Union since 1 May 2004 and a member of NATO since 7 April 2004. It is also a member of many other international organisations.
Administrative division: 58 administrative units, 212 municipalities.

Other major centres: Maribor, Kranj, Celje, Koper, Novo Mesto, Velenje, Murska Sobota.
Official language: Slovene; also Hungarian and Italian in their respective ethnically mixed areas.

Religion: The majority of the population is Roman Catholic; Slovenia also has 40 other officially registered religious communities.

Currency: euro (EUR), since 1 January 2007.
GDP per capita (in EUR): 17.778 € (2011)

Registered unemployment rate: 11,8% (2011)

Average age: 41.4 years

Life expectancy: men 73 years, women 81 years

Fertility rate: 1.2

Climate: Alpine, Pannonian, Mediterranean

Time: Central European Time (UTC + 1), Central European Summer Time (UTC + 2)
Average temperatures: July 21°C, January 0°C

Electricity supply: 230 V

Units of measurement: metric – metres, kilometres, grams, kilograms. Temperatures are expressed in degrees Celsius.

Length of borders: with Austria 330 km, with Italy 280 km, with Hungary 102 km and with Croatia 670 km; total 1,382 km

Length of coastline: 46.6 km

Highest peak: Triglav, 2,864 m

Geometric centre of Slovenia: Vače

Average height above sea level: 556.8 m

Universities: University of Ljubljana, University of Maribor, University of Primorska.
More interesting facts are available on the website of the national statistics office.



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