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Land of fairytales and fantasy

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Organizer : Brilej Jože

Address: Olimje 104 3254 Podčetrtek
Phone: ++386 3 582 90 33, ++386 31 309 103
Location: 6 km from Terme
Olimia in the direction of
Olimje, above the monastery,
approximately 1 km into the
Offer: A walk through the woods with the
sounds of water from the nearby stream
and the birds singing. Meeting the
Slovenian and international fairytale heroes
such as Kekec, Bedanec, Martin Krpan,
Snow White, Pipi Longstocking, witches
and wizards. You can visit a gallery of
souvenirs from all over the World and the
museum of the Korenček family from 100
years ago. Activities: Nature is the best
teacher. An educational visit for schools and individuals. 

in low mountains 

moderately difficult tour, undemanding tour 

Range of hiking available
family excursions, walks, group tours, trails through forests 

individual, guided tour 

Contribution: 2,00 EUR/person 

Turizem Podčetrtek, GIZ 
Škofja Gora 1 
Tel. : ++386 3 810 90 13 
Fax : ++386 3 810 90 14 
E-mail :  
Web site : 
GPS Northing (N) : 46,1574 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,5544 
Administrator : Turizem Podčetrtek g.i.z. | ++386 3 810 90 13 | | last modified: 17/01/2014
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GPS N: 46,1574
E: 15,5544
Place: Olimje

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