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29 August 2016

News: Green Slovenia prepares for harvesting

Green, active and healthy Slovenia is welcoming the harvesting season! Visit a traditional event dedicated to wine and its production – but if you prefer beer, we have good news for you. Žalec is opening the Europe’s first beer fountain! Slovenia is ... moreless ...
26 August 2016

Feel the green energy in Slovenia

Experience Slovenia with active and healthy holidays and start your autumn bursting with energy. Walk, ride or in any other way get out into the green outdoors, which in Slovenia is just a stone’s throw from the city centres. Head for the mighty mountain peaks, where you will be ... moreless ...
22 August 2016

News from Slovenia

Combine business with pleasure at Global Green Destinations Day in Ljubljana, the European Green Capital 2016 and at Bled Strategic Forum 2016 Take part in a festive spirit after great success of Slovenian champions at Rio 2016 Olympics and spend the night at one of the many luxury campsites. Visit green, active and ... moreless ...
16 August 2016

News: Green, active and healthy August in Slovenia

Summer is at its peak in green, active and healthy Slovenia. Jump straight into the healthy waters in Slovenian natural spas or feel the green energy in a unique “Forest Selfness” programme among the hills of Cerkno. If you love active ... moreless ...
8 August 2016

News: Olympic spirit in green, active and healthy Slovenia

Slovenia is in a sporting mood! The Olympic Games in Rio have started and everybody is supporting their favourite athletes. Follow the Slovenian Olympic Team in Rio! Are you looking for cultural and culinary ... moreless ...
1 August 2016

News: Green summer fun in Slovenia

Enjoy the green spirit of Slovenia! Visit the Slovenia Green destinations and treat yourself to one of their green adventures. Be reenergised in one of the world’s best restaurants or taste the flavours of Slovenian Istria. How about a visit to a musical festival? We ... moreless ...
28 July 2016

Unique adventures in green Slovenia

Experience intimate and warm Slovenia, a country between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, which even has love in its name! It was this love that serves as an inspiration for unique accommodation options in this green, active, and healthy country. Have you ever dreamt ... moreless ...
25 July 2016

News: Summer love in Slovenia

Be refreshed by green, active and healthy Slovenia! Treat yourself to a night in unique accommodation, surrounded by nature. Summer calls for the best ice cream in the world and unforgettable adventures: visit the Mysterious Karst, make A Perfect Turn around the Podravska region or ... moreless ...
18 July 2016

News: Feel the summer in Slovenia

Enjoy the summer in green, active and healthy Slovenia! We have prepared a list of refreshing adventures for the hot summer temperatures and locations to discover the most beautiful views in green, active and healthy Slovenia. In Your Pocket has contributed the winners of ... moreless ...
11 July 2016

News: Summer greenings from Slovenia

Welcome to green, active and healthy Slovenia! Dance on the lively summer festivals in the oldest Slovenian city Ptuj, sleep in a unique traditional Istrian house and admire the never-ending game of love between rock and water in a fairytale-like world of Karst. See ... moreless ...

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