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About the Introduction of the euro on 1 January 2007

Slovenia will be the first of the new EU member states to introduce the euro, and it will thereby become the thirteenth member of the European Monetary Union to take part in the advantages of using the single currency. Some of these advantages will be obvious: abolishing currency exchange fees and ending the problem ... moreless ...
Introduction of the euro on 1 January 2007
Euro-Einführung in Slowenien
Introduzione dell’Euro in 2007 per la Slovenia esemplare
La Slovénie exemplaire introduira l’Euro en 2007
Uzorna Slovenija uvodi euro u 2007

I’d like to say a few words in Slovene, can you suggest a few everyday phrases?

The most commonly heard greeting is ´Dober dan’ (good day) or ´Živijo´ (`jee-veo’) and ´Na svidenje´ (nas-vee-den-ye) for goodbye.In a restaurant you’ll often hear `prosim’, which is the equivalent of please, and when served a meal or a drink, you may like to respond ´hvala’, thank-you, (hv-arla). Yes (da) and no (ne) are always useful in any language and for a visit to the shops and markets you may like to know ´koliko stane’ – how much is (kol-iko ... moreless ...

Is it possible to travel from the airport to my onward destination by public transport?

Slovenia’s public transport system is unfortunatelly not as comprehensive as public transport in other EU countires as most people use their cars, which means it’s better to hire a car to travel around Slovenia, or take a taxi if you’re staying in Ljubljana. Ljubljana (Brnik) airport is located almost equidistant from Bled and Ljubljana. There is no rail connection from the airport into Ljubljana, so those wanting to connect to the ... moreless ...

How is Tourist Board organised at the headquarters and internationally?

The Slovenian Tourist Board is a major national tourist organization for planning and performing the promotion of our country as the tourist destination abroad and in Slovenia and also for enhancing the development of existing and new products at a national level, for establishment of the integral tourist information infrastructure and for coordination of state, regional and local tourist programmes of national importance.

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