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I FEEL SLOVENIA - Profusion for all the senses

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Naziv ang : I FEEL SLOVENIA - Profusion for all the senses 
Povzetek :
Slovenia, the fourth smallest member of the European Union in terms of area, boasts an extraordinary diversity of landscapes in a relatively small territory.

Easy access to this diversity is a particular advantage: it is possible to start the day in the mountains, with their sports and recreation centres, continue it on a farm in a green mountain pasture or valley, or perhaps on the Adriatic coast, and before it gets to evening allow yourself to be pampered at a top-flight thermal spa centre offering a sophisticated range of health and wellness services.

You can taste Slovenia in 24 distinct gastronomic regions and 14 wine districts. Relaxation, entertainment and culture are provided by internationally famous festivals and other events – 365 days a year. Slovenia is an attractive blend of urban sophistication and rustic warmth in a green environment of incredible diversity.
Profusion for all the senses
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