Festive December

VelikaPlaninaZima_370892.jpgThe liveliness of urban experiences, interesting holiday customs in the countryside, challenging snow-covered ski slopes, exciting playfulness in casinos, mysterious occurrences in the karst caves, unusual night marches and daring sporting events all give rhythm to December experience in Slovenia from traditional St. Stephan's day to the New Year's Eve fireworks…
In the cities, festive Slovenia welcomes its visitors with an abundance of lights for the Christmas-New Year Street Fair, including events intended for children, lovers of fun, concerts or churches.

ljubljana_16782.jpgLjubljana's Festive Fair, accompanied by food and drink stalls, becomes the centre of the city's social life in December, while its nearby squares host a vast programme of free music concerts and other events for adults and children. The festivities culminate on the New Year's Eve, with celebrations in Ljubljana's main squares. 

A similar December atmosphere can be felt in the bustling Maribor, visited by skiing enthusiasts at the nearby Maribor Pohorje, and visited by those who enjoy healthy living provided by the hotels and spas in Maribor. Among all the events, many find the Christmas marches with torches to nearby hills the most interesting. In expectation of the New Year's Eve celebrations in the open air, there are lively fairs and events also in other Slovene historical towns and cities. You can experience the longest night in the year with a combination of the New Year's Eve hotel, restaurant, agencies and street attractions.
Numerous tourist farms invite you to the countryside with their holiday allure, and they always impress their visitors with traditional selection of culinary delights and wine. In December there are also Village events – ranging from the blessing of horses and carol-singing to live nativities. The latter are staged also in the karst caves a round Slovenia. The live nativity in the Postojna Cave is a special experience; the Christmas mystery is staged also in the Pekel Cave near Šempeter in the Savinja Valley. Christmas echoes can be heard from the karst cave near the source of the Krka River as well. 
Bled_tekst_301069.jpgTo those who consider holidays mainly an opportunity for sport and recreation can enjoy Slovene winter-sports centres such as Kranjska Gora, Bovec with Kanin, Pohorje and many others. Christmas - New Year's Eve time is a special time for hikers as well, who can take part in traditional and also night marches in many parts of Slovenia. In the spirit of the experiencing novelties, you can watch challenging sport events: at Bled the divers perform the Christmas diving in the lake, and along with it also the legend of a sunken bell. Such uncommon events can be found elsewhere in Slovenia as well. 
December's holidays are joined with the expectation of happiness, therefore this time is especially attractive in Slovene casinos. Nova Gorica is a traditional host for gaming lovers  who can find New Year's Eve entertainment at numerous scenes with different programmes. Casinos in Portorož, Otočec,  Kranjska gora,  Lipica, Bled and elsewhere offer an excellent New Year's Eve as well.
Terme_tekst_301077.JPGYou can spend traditionally popular Christmas-New Year holidays in all Slovene Health Resorts, which are an excellent source of accumulating strength for the new year and where you can experience unforgettable New Year's Eve celebrations as their guests.

Slovenia is a surprising festive scene where you can experience, due to its accessibility, everything you desire in just a few days! Try it.

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