Nordic Walking

Nordic walking has grown in popularity in Slovenia in recent years. This special technique of walking with poles is one of the most effective, safe and accessible whole-body workouts, suitable for people of all ages and all levels of fitness.

Nordic walking trails and parks

Although Nordic walking can be done on the majority of hiking trails that are not too steep, it is better to choose a dedicated Nordic walking trail. Slovenia has two Nordic walking parks: one in Šmarješke Toplice and one in the Pomurje area. The parks have signposted Nordic walking trails complete with information boards. You can also hire licensed Nordic walking guides in the parks.

Nordic walking lessons

If you want to learn more about the secrets of good Nordic walking technique, we recommend that you take lessons. You will learn how to choose the right poles, and what the effects of Nordic walking are. Because this activity is relatively new – it only began to spread outside of Finland in the second half of the nineties – some research findings are presented here.

Nordic walking:

- works the entire body, and up to 90% of total muscle mass
- strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
- eases the burden on the ankles, knees, hips and spine
- improves aerobic endurance, and strengthens the arms and shoulders
- increases flexibility, particularly the spine
- reduces or eliminates pain in the neck, shoulders and lower back
- significantly strengthens the leg muscles, the buttocks, and the abdominal and back muscles
- improves posture and corrects the gait
- produces a heart rate 20 beats per minute higher than ordinary walking
- burns 20% to 40% more calories than ordinary walking
- uses up to 25% more oxygen than ordinary walking

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