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A two-month journey around the world

In 2012, Slovenia will circle the world for the second time. In the first days of 2012, Matevž Lenarčič has started his second flight around the world. A special feature of this journey is the aircraft that will be used; namely, it is considered to be the most economical aircraft in the world, being manufactured by the Slovenian company Pipistrel − multiple recipient of the NASA award for the most energy efficient aircrafts.

Matevž Lenarčič will fly more than 100,000 km over 7 continents, three oceans, the Antarctic, Mt. Everest and more than 50 countries with the Pipistrel Virus-SW115 aircraft that consumes a minimum amount of fuel - theaircraft is produced under the Pipistrel brand Ecolution, meaning 100% autonomous energy production with optimized, computer-controlled acquisition of green energy (solar, air and geothermal).

The uniqueness of this flight around the world was supported by the founder and general director of the Pipistrel company, Ivo Boscarol, who, with this aircraft, surely remains on the throne of the leading and most innovative manufacturer of small aircrafts in the world: `At this moment, there is no other 2-seat aircraft in the world that could cope with such a challenge. To fly 4,000 km without landing, fly over Mount Everest, survive the icy cold conditions of the Antarctic with minus 50 degrees Celsius and, at the same time, the 50 plus degrees Celsius heat and fly over the Equator six times – such data is still science fiction for other manufacturers!`

Lenarčič`s journey also has additional meaning within the message that will be transferred all over the world – summarised in the slogan `Think small - think light - think green`.

Hereby, M.A. Maja Pak, the director of the Slovenian Tourist Board, partnership organisation in the project (with numerous other companies and institutions who also supported the project) said: "The vision of Slovenia as a tourist destination is based on sustainable development. Therefore, the Slovenian Tourist Board is happy to join the project as a partner; namely, the project`s philosophy of `small, light and green` reflects what Slovenian actually is: although it is one of the smallest European countries, this project shall invite the entire international community to become more aware of the protection of the environment and solutions to climate change problems, protection of local culture and friendlier social attitude. The entire Slovenia, including the Slovenian Tourist Board, will support Matevž Lenarčič, who brings into the world the message of a small but technologically remarkable Slovenia, oriented towards sustainable development. Everywhere that the brave pilot lands with his environmentally friendly light aircraft, the best wishes of the citizens of our green and hospitable country will land with him."

Matevž Lenarčič explained the project in the following manner: `The world is not as big and indestructible as it seems. It is worth seeing it in all its diversity. Physical conditions enabling the life of humans are in a very fragile balance on our planet. The substrate of our survival can be preserved only by those who are aware. The GreenLight WorldFlight shows the possible development of the thinking of new generations - away from the epic victories or huge technological achievements with the purpose of subordination. The future lies in moderation, cooperation and balance. That is why I will use a small, ultralight aircraft with the minimum use of fuel on a journey around our only planet.`

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