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The speciality from Prekmurje for the autumn days

Until 1919, the Prekmurje region was under Hungarian administration, shaping the gastronomic image of the province with numerous features that originate from the neighbouring culture. The same is true for “prekmurski bograč” or “bógrač gúlaš”, which is one of the most recognizable and popular dishes from Prekmurje nowadays.

The name “bograč” comes from a cooking pot or a large cauldron that Hungarian shepherds used to cook either beef or pork stew with an addition of boletuses, seasoning and wine. Later on (from the 19th century onwards) potatoes and venison were added to bograč, in Prekmurje as well. The expression “goulash” itself is also of Hungarian origin, i.e. “gulyás”, which actually refers to a cattle stockman. A dish that is technically comparable to the Slovenian goulash, is called “pörkölt” in Hungarian. But goulash primarily refers to a thick greasy stew made of meat, onions, paprika, potato, and pasta. Today, bograč is an adequately thick stew made of three types of meat, spices, wines, possibly mushrooms (in season) and potatoes, which is served in small kettles. The general popularity of the dish is attested by a special gastronomic event called “bogračijada”, at which caterers and amateur cooks compete in the preparation of bograč.


Ingredients: 250 g boneless beef, 250 g pork, 250 g hare or other venison meat (boar, deer), 4 onions, chopped, 2 garlic cloves, 1 tbsp lard (or 100 ml oil), 1 fresh paprika, 100 g tomatoes or 1 tbsp tomato sauce, 2.5 g ground red paprika, 500 g potatoes, laurel leaf, hot pepper, pepper, thyme, rosemary, cumin, salt, 200 ml red wine (such as Blue Frankish wine)

Fry onions in oil, add diced beef, and stew. Add water, if needed. Add diced venison and stew until the meat is half done. Add diced pork, sliced vegetables, spices, and ground paprika. Add salt, stir, and bring to a boil. After some time, spread the potatoes cut into segments over the top and cover with water making sure the potato is fully immersed. Cover the pot and stew until soft. Add wine and bring to a boil. Taste the dish and add additional seasoning, if necessary.

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