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Picture Slovenia - Slovenia World Photo Contest in cooperation with the Slovenian Tourist Board and partners, announces the global photography competition, through which it wants to increase the visibility of Slovenia in the world and to encourage visitors, fans and friends of Slovenia to get involved in the presentation of Slovenia.

This year`s World Photo Contest is published in the light of celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the independence of the Slovenia. Open to all who have permanent residence outside Slovenia and are able to provide photographic work within the scope and quality in line with the contest conditions. The contest starts on June 25th 2011 and ends on May 22nd 2012, at the twentieth anniversary of the admission of Slovenia to the United Nations. Publication of winners will be on June 4th 2012. The objective of the contest is to increase the visibility of the Republic of Slovenia and its nature, people, culture, architecture, tourism, and other attractions.

The competition takes place in three categories: best photography, photography with a mobile phone and the Top photo series (reportage) on Slovenia. There will be three main prizes. The Best photography will be selected that best presents Slovenia and the prize of 10,000 euros (gross) will be awarded. In the category Top photo series the jury will award the author who will be publishing more photos of which the jury will select the top five, representing the series. Among all, the jury will select a series that through photo reportage most interestingly and pervasively represents Slovenia. A prize of 3,000 (gross) euros will be awarded.

The category Photography with a mobile phone is intended to award best photography taken with a mobile apparatus, so in this cathegory a jury will select a photography that was created by using a mobile phone camera. The winner will earn a prize of 3000 euros (gross). is an online place for biggest photo contests in Slovenia - so far it has been visited by over 160,000 people from 65 countries worldwide. Web part of the project was just the beginning of a long-term project and this year and next year Picture Slovenia found its place in the form of physical exhibitions around the world, mainly in Europe. Such an exhibition during May and June 2011 are being hosted by Spain (Valenica, Barcelona), Germany (Munich, Berlin), Luxembourg, Mexico (Mexico Cty) etc. This will be followed with the exhibitions in 25 countries that eill take place by 22 May 2012.

More information at (Primož Žižek, ).



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