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Outstanding achievements of a small nation

Recently, Slovenia has marked two outstanding achievements. Slovenian artist, Marjetica Potrč, has been ranked third on the list of Ten Most Important Artists of Today by the American weekly Newsweek, and the GSN Global Cup website declared Slovenia as the fourth most successful sporting nation in the world, considering the number of inhabitants.

Slovenia is considered s small nation, but with numerous outstanding achievements in the field of sports, culture, science, medicine, and economic innovations. Upon its twentieth anniversary of independence, celebrated throughout 2011, it has marked two outstanding achievements in the area of art and sports.

Marjetica Potrč is the third most important artist of today

Slovenian artist, Marjetica Potrč, has been ranked third on the list of ten most influential artists of today by the American weekly Newsweek, just after the British conceptual artist Gillian Wearing and American visual artist and composer Christian Marclay. Other contemporary artists within the top ten also include Polish visual artist, Arturja Zmijewski, British artist Tacita Dean, French conceptual artist, photographer, and writer Sophie Calle, Belgian artist Francis Alys, Canadian artist Jeffa Wall, American artist Jeff Koons, and the notorious British artist Damien Hirst.

As was noted for argumentation upon announcement: “Marjetica Potrc has made some important art: she`s built dry toilets for Latin American slums and promoted a water jug for Africa that can also absorb the force of land mines. She`s taken the idea that art can change the world and made it come true. Sure, her art-world actions don`t do that much actual good. Instead, they do what art does best: they talk about how the world might be better. “I believe in art. People need art to negotiate their world,” Potrc says. And the depth of that belief may be this artist`s true contribution.”

Born in Ljubljana in 1953, the artist presented her work in a series of independent and group exhibitions in Slovenia and all over the world, among which we must point out her participation at the Venice Festival, the biennial in Sao Paulo, and the Skulptur-Projekte exhibition in Münster. In 2000 she won a prestigious international award for contemporary art – the Hugo Boss Prize, which also included an exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Slovenia is the fourth sporting nation in the world

According to the analysis of the GSN Global Cup website, considering the number of inhabitants, Slovenia is the fourth most successful sporting nation in the world for 2010. First place title goes to Norwegians. The web page GSN Global Cup records achievements of countries at the Olmypic Games, world championships, and 80 most prominent tournaments in the world, and classifies them accordingly.

In the category of the most successful nations per capita, Slovenia found herself on an excellent fourth place. The leading three are Norway, Switzerland, and Austria, other places are held by New Zealand, Sweden, Finnland, Lithuania, Serbia, and the Czech Republic. Out of athletic superpowers, Germany ranked 20th, Spain 21st, Rusia 28th, USA 35th, and China 51st. Of course, things change, when the per capita factor is not considered. In this case, first place goes to USA, followed by Rusia, Germany, China, and Canada, whereas Slovenia ranks 42nd.

GSN Global Cup performed an analysis on the basic of successfulness of men and women. With regard to the number of inhabitants, Slovenian athletes rank 9th on the global list, the first place is held by Norwegians, while women are second, defeated only by Norwegian female athletes.



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