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Festival Journey through Slovenia

The pre-summer festival happenings in Slovenian cities are intensifying in these summer months. Festivals give cities a fresh spirit, while both locals and visitors experience the cities and other venues, which turn into lively settings, in a different, less touristic way. Slovenia certainly cannot be accused of festival lethargy.

In Ljubljana alone more than thirty festivals are taking place every year, however, numerous other places are certainly not falling behind in the organization of traditional and in the creation of new events. A walk through the repertoire of current summer Slovenian festival events will satisfy even the most diverse tastes – this time the selection is really diverse.

Festival Seviqc Brežice 2011 (Brežice, 22nd June – 4th september 2011)

The most beautiful concerts of old music with top artists from all over the world, which are held in the most beautiful cultural monuments of Slovenia, on hystorically important locations, are particularly interesting for visitors. Today, the Seviqc Brežice festival is a synonym for old music in Slovenia. Watching and listening to various programme sets you will get to know European and world heritage, with a special emphasis on music, which was born in Slovenia. Music is performed with authentic instruments and in an authentic mode of performance. Focus is on live art, as the name Seviqc implies: “SEmper VIva Quam Creata” or “Always live as created”.

Summer Imago Sloveniae, 23. Intenational Music Festival (Beltinci, Bled, Brežice, Dobrna, Komen, Kranjska gora, Laporje, Ljubljana, Metlika, Murska Sobota, Nova Gorica, Ormož, Postojna, Ptuj, Ribnica, Slovenj Gradec, Šentrupert, Vipava, Velenje – 16th June – 2nd September 2011)

As of June, the 23rd international music festival Poletje Imago Sloveniae is taking place in 19 Slovenian towns. The joy of summer music in charming environments of Slovenian architectural cultural heritage sites will be created for you by September by 266 musicians from 12 countries. 41 concerts prepared for visitors to Slovenia will present mostly classical music, but there are also some jazz and ethno music concerts.

Festival Ljubljana (Ljubljana, 3rd July– 4th September 2011)

The Ljubljana Festival, with its long history and tradition of presenting premier artistic events, contributes significantly to the cultural life of Ljubljana. Each summer, its wide and varied programme of concert, opera and ballet events features a fine selection of renowned artists, including some of the world`s most prestigious names in music and performing arts.

Schengenfest (Vinica, River Kolpa, 4th – 8th August 2011)

For the fourth year in a row, “the sexiest rock festival”, as claimed by the organizers – Schengenfest 2011, will take place in the hottest month, in the natural environment of Vinica along the Kolpa river, on the border with Croatia. This festival of sound, sun, and fun will welcome established groups and names in music, such as Niet, Pankrti, Prljavo kazalište, Vlado Kreslin in Mali bogovi, Kad smo bili Bijelo dugme, Dubioza kolektiv, S.A.R.S., Kultur Shock, and Edo Maajka. It is a very popular and well accepted camping experience near Kolpa, accompanied by rich music programme and other fun activities.

Metalcamp (Tolmin, 11th – 17th July 2011)

Between 11 and 17 July, for the 8th year in a row, you can visit one of the internationally most recognizable festivals in Slovenia. METALCAMP 2011, which today holds a unique status among established festivals of the kind in the world. At the confluence of Soča and Tolnimka in Tolmin, fans of metal music will enjoy rhythms of various top international metal bands, such as Slayer, Arch Enemy, Virgin Steele, Airbourne, Blind Guardian, Kreator, Accept, Wintersun, Mastodon, and many others. With its completely original energy and charisma, the festival offers real “all inclusive” metal vacations: cocktail on the beach, swimming in the turquoise Soča, free camping amidst mountains, performances of selected international music groups, and infinite possibilities for exploring one of the most spectacular festival locations on the planet.

Okarina Etno Festival (Bled, 1st – 31st August 2011)

Ocarina is an original folk instrument – a small flute or a whistle in the form of an egg-shaped cup with a mouthpiece for blowing, and eight or ten holes, which creates soft sounds. The beginnings of the Okarina ethno festival date back to 1991, when three groups from Slovenia and the Czech republic performed in Bled. Two years later the festival was held in some other Slovenian towns, but it soon returned to Bled. The festival offer is becoming more diverse with each year. This precious parade of the past is a wonderful treat for those visitors, who can appreciate music specialties.

Blejski dnevi (Bled, 22nd – 24th July 2011)

Blejski dnevi or the Bled Days are the days, when Bled starts shaking under the weight of numerous visitors. In a few days, visitors can witness the making of arts and crafts, and listen to promenade concerts. But, the majority gathers at the traditional Bled night, when the lake and the castle “flare up”. Crews in boats place around 15,000 lights in egg shells on the surface of the lake, and lighten up the lake and its surroundings, after which the five-minute fireworks from the castle dresses Bled in countless colours.

Trnfest 2011 (Ljubljana, 26th July – 28th August 2011)

This year the main August festival in Ljubljani will begin already in July, i.e. from 26 July to 28 August. The 20th traditional Trnfest11 festival, with 34 evenings of free-of-charge diverse events (concerts, theatre and dance shows, work shops, children’s programme, DJ performances, exhibitions, film projections, and puppet shows of international ensembles) will diversify happenings in the capital city. The event is traditionally free of charge, thanks to the cultural organization KUD France Prešeren, so a colourful crowd of Slovenian and foreign visitors rush to be there.

Punk Rock Holiday (Tolmin, 12th – 15th August 2011)

PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY with a new name and a fresh beginning is a festival, which puts the Slovenian alternative musical scene on the festival map of Europe. The festival is held in a reliable festival environment at the confluence of Tolminka and Soča in Tolmin, which is certainly of the most beautiful festival locations in Europe, and already the home of Metalcamp, Kreativni tabor Sajeta, and once Soča Reggae Riversplash. The festival location offers more than just typical festival pleasures, it guarantees an unforgettable smell of vacations – a true punk rock holiday.

Njoki ♥ Šklabfest 2011 (Ajdovščina, 12th – 14th August 2011)

Lovers of summer festivals and alternative music, beware! In the last four years, the Njoki Summer Festival gained the reputation of a festival, which not only provides for musical pleasures of its visitors, but also cares for sports enthusiasts, food lovers, and young people who know how to have fun. But this year brought some changes. Šklabfest, which has been organized in Trbovlje for two years, is moving to Ajdovščina, and is merging with the Njoki Summer festival into one festival called Njoki ♥ Šklabfest 2011.



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