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Cradle of Lipizzaners opened museum of a Lipizzaner story

In May, the Lipica Stud Farm, the cradle of all Lipizzan horses in the world, became richer for the Lipikum Lipizzaner Museum. The museum is located in one of the buildings of the old Lipica centre and it will run as a new centre of cultural and tourist offer of Lipica, where the visitors will be given a completely new experience of the story of a horse, Lipica, and Lipizzaner.

Visitors will through modern museological resources learn about the history, behavior, and life of the horse, development and growth of the Lipizzaner breed, and the history of the stud farm, which is considered one of the most beautiful cultural and historical monuments of Slovenia today, with its history dating back to 1580.

The museum was arranged on more than 300 m2 in an old building within the historic building centre of the stud farm. Dramaturgically accomplished museum story is divided into eleven thematic areas and three main themes through which the visitor can learn everything about the farm and the Lipizzan horse. The museum is arranged in three rooms that follow the color symbolism of the life cycle of the Lipizzaner – the story takes the visitor from the dark, almost black, through brown to completely white.

In the first, introductory part, the visitor will meet with the story of the origin and nature of the horse as a species and a close relationship with humans, which is reflected through the depictions of the horse in mythology and art from prehistoric times onwards. The central part is intended for the presentation of a story about the establishment of the Lipica Stud Farm, its highs and lows over the hundred-year history to the present day. Here, the facts about the origin of the Lipizzaner are explained, and the daily life of the horses in Lipica and in the Lipica horse-riding school are presented. A special attraction of this part is a model of a life-size horse, which can be tested to experience the feeling of sitting on horseback. Through the rich interpretative central space, the visitors will be lead to the last, white space in which the modern museum layout will lead them through the habitats of the Lipizzaner.

With an opening ceremony of the Lipikum, the Lipizzaner Museum, the project of the Lipica Museum, which was started in 2005 and was realised by the financial support of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, the EEA Financial Mechanism and the Ministry of Culture, was completed. However, the activities associated with its implementation are not yet finished. In the framework of the project, there have been expert reports prepared in Lipica for the renewal of guided tours, as well as marker boards with which the visitors were enabled a more independent tour and familiarisation with Lipica − not only with its building centre, but also with the wider Lipica estate with all the attractions that have been created over the centuries of systematic use of space.



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