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Cycling Map of Slovenia published

Slovenia’s diversity at the meeting point of the Alps, Pannonian Plain and the Mediterranean, and its varied terrain, offer plenty of attractions for cyclists. With the aim of getting the very best out of Slovenia’s cycling excursion and holiday possibilities, in the last couple of years the Slovenian Tourist Board has pursued a number of activities to develop and expand the specialised services and facilities for cycling. As part of these efforts, a new informational cycling map of Slovenia was recently published.

The Slovenian Tourist Board in cooperation with the association Pohodništvo & kolesarjenje (Hiking & Cycling) has developed standards to define certain areas as cycling destinations. For the moment there are 14 Slovenian areas with the status of cycling destination, and they are spread across the entire country. A full five cycling destinations lie directly next to the only Slovenian national park - Triglav National Park - two are in the the Pohorje area, while the Notranjska Cycling Park destination has an exceptional diversity, and the Slovenian coast is also a great choice, plus the outstanding destinations around Idrija, Cerkno and in the Koroška region should not be overlooked. The southwest of Slovenia and the area around Moravske Toplice in the far northeast also offer great rides along interesting routes.

In these areas cyclists can make use of 35 cycling information points, where they can obtain maps, details of routes, the possibility of transport between individual cycling destinations and the chance of staying at specialised cyclist accommodation facilities. Cyclist hotels, hostels and tourist farms are divided into five categories. There are also certain campsites that are specially arranged for cyclists.

Although even for cyclists, the distances in Slovenia are relatively short, on some parts of the routes cyclists can opt for other means of transport. Travelling by train is especially practical, since you can take your bike with you. For cycle trips around Slovenia you can hire a cycling guide, who will be able to select the most suitable routes, and since cycling is a very popular leisure pursuit among Slovenians, there are numerous recreational cycling events on offer, as well as major international cycling tournaments.

The new cycling guide and map is published in English, German, Italian and Slovenian. We invite you to take a look at this publication. For online orders click here, otherwise you can also pick up a copy directly from Slovenian representative offices abroad.



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