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Golf in Slovenia

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It began in Bled with the summer residence of Prince Paul and an 18-hole course built in 1937. The next golf course was opened in Lipica, in the Karst region, in 1989. These two courses were followed in 1998 by the Arboretum Volčji Potok, Ptuj and Slovenske Konjice courses and, two years later, by the course at Mokrice Castle. The golf course in Moravske Toplice was opened in 2000. The next new course was Otočec, which originally had nine holes and was later expanded to 18 holes. In 2006 Slovenia got its first urban golf course: the nine-hole course in Trnovo (Ljubljana). This was followed by Bovec, likewise a nine-hole course, and, two years ago, the 18-hole Diners golf course Ljubljana in Smlednik at the foot of Šmarna Gora. Today Slovenia has 12 golf courses, the different characters of which are a marvellous reflection of the diversity of the country and its different regions and landscapes.

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