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Tickets for EuroBasket 2013 available in mid-March!

After 18 March, all sports fans will be able to buy tickets for the largest sports event ever hosted by Slovenia since its independence, EuroBasket 2013. This will take place in four Slovenian towns, Celje, Jesenice, Koper and Ljubljana; for the first time, tickets for this year`s EuroBasket will be sold for individual games and not in daily packages as during previous such events.

Group A in Ljubljana will host France, Great Britain, Germany, Ukraine, Belgium and Israel, group B in Jesenice will host Macedonia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latvia and Serbia, group C in Celje will host Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Georgia and Czech Republic and group D in Koper will host Russia, Greece, Italy, Finland, Turkey and Sweden.

All games will be played at 2:30, 5:15 and 9:00 pm, while the home team will play all its games at 9:00 pm. The schedule of the games in the preliminary round can be found here.

Ticket sales will be carried out in four stages. The first stage of ticket sales for the semi-final, third place game and final will start on 18 March, while a week later the organisers will start selling tickets for the quarter-final and 5-to-8th place games; the following week, tickets for the second stage of the competition will start selling (from 1 April on). The date of the beginning of ticket sales for the group stage will be announced shortly.

Tickets for this year`s EuroBasket will be sold for the first time for individual games and not in daily packages, as during previous such events. They can be purchased through two sales channels; namely, through the Eventim sales network and Palma tourist agency, which is the official EuroBasket 2013 agency – along with the tourist arrangements – through their website. The prices of tickets will depend on the category and competition stage, ranging from €4 to €180. A detailed breakdown of individual prices can be found here.

We will inform you about the news on EuroBasket on a monthly basis. Furthermore, we would like to invite anyone who`s interested to follow the daily news at and join our Facebook and Twitter profiles. You can also follow Lipko the mascot`s tweets on @Lipko2013.

Everyone who would like to participate in this unforgettable event and gain work experience along with fun memories can apply to volunteer until 20 April in one of the 13 areas for which the organiser requires assistance. More about volunteering at EuroBasket 2013 can be found here.



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