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Get to know the towns that (co)host the EuroBasket 2013

EuroBasket 2013 will be hosted by four Slovenian towns, all less than an hour’s drive from the capital of Ljubljana. The first round of the Championships will take place in Ljubljana, Celje, Jesenice and Koper, while the second round and finals will be hosted by Ljubljana alone.

The 1st round of the Championships will take place in the following sports halls or, rather, towns between 4th and 9th September 2013:

the Capital of Slovenia, will host EuroBasket 2013 in two sports halls – Hala Tivoli in the 1st round and at Stožice Arena in the 2nd and final round (Stožice Arena was opened with a basketball match played by the Slovenian and Spanish national teams on 10 August 2010).

About Ljubljana: The Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, is situated halfway between Vienna and Venice, at the junction of various cultures, geographical landscapes and historical events. It is easily accessible, with a 2-hour flight separating it from almost all major European airports. The image of Ljubljana is picturesque and rather green. The old city centre, in particular, is distinguished for its exceptional architecture characterised by various historical periods, but, most of all, by the renowned architect Jože Plečnik, the author of one of the most original 20th century opuses in the world. The atmosphere in the capital is very relaxed and it seems time runs rather slowly here and people like to enjoy each moment. Ljubljana has been included on the European conference and sports map for over 20 years.

In Celje, the Championship matches will be played at Zlatorog Hall, which was built for the 2004 European Handball Championships.

About Celje: Celje is the third largest Slovenian town. It is situated in the eastern part of Slovenia, a mere 45-minute drive from Ljubljana, in the Lower Savinja Valley. The town is proud of its rich history. The Celts and, later on, Romans built the foundations of the ancient town of Celje, wreathing it with beauty and fame. In the middle ages, its power and pride were given to it by the Counts of Celje, who took the fame of three Celje stars all across Europe. Today, Celje is a development, business, economy, trade, cultural, education, administrative, health, sports and exhibition centre of the Savinja region and one of the fastest growing towns in Slovenia.

In Jesenice, the Championship matches will be played at the Podmežakla Ice Hockey Hall, which will receive a basketball makeover for this Championship, exclusively.

About Jesenice: Jesenice is an industrial town squeezed in between the slopes of the Karawanken Mountains in the north-western part of Slovenia, on the way to the world famous Slovenian ski resort, Kranjska Gora. Sports fans ordinarily visit Jesenice to see matches played by the top Slovenian ice hockey players, while many people discover Jesenice as a town of surprises worth seeing – due to the legacy of its heavy metal and mining industry softened up by the white-coloured plains of the Golica hill, a natural habitat of wild daffodils, just above the town. The most frequently played pop-folk tune ‘Golica’ found its strength right here!

In Koper, matches will be played at the Bonifika Hall.

About Koper: Koper is the administrative, political and cultural capital of Slovenian Istria. It is a seaside town with a historical town centre that is said to be one of the most picturesque parts of the northern Istrian peninsula. Until the 19th century, the town was situated on an island, but was later connected to the mainland. The old town centre prides itself on its rich architecture and numerous cultural monuments, while Koper, as the largest Slovenian port, also became a popular pit stop for cruise liners and, hence, a starting point for discovering Slovenia.

The 2nd round of the Championships and the finals will be played in Ljubljana, at the Stožice Arena, between 10th and 22nd September.



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