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Alpe Adria Trail, a hiking trail of three countries

The fact that three regions – the Austrian Kärnten, the Italian Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Slovenia – united in a project to set up a joint hiking trail called the Alpe Adria Trail is not news; however, there are a lot of activities and new features on the trail. In the past months, the trail has been marked in a uniform manner and a transparent and extremely functional joint Alpe Adria Trail web portal has been established.

This long distance hiking trail leads from the foot of the highest mountain in Austria, the Grossglockner, through the most beautiful mountain and lake regions in Carinthia, and, without any major detours, leads close to the point where the three countries of Austria, Italy and Slovenia intersect at the Dreiländereck, and then on through Slovenia towards Trieste and the Adriatic.

170 km in the air = 550 km on the ground, 38 stages, with a difference in altitude of 26,000 metres on the way up and 26,000 metres on the way down.

The Alps-Adriatic Trail has been designed mainly with pleasure hikers in mind. The Trail runs through the non-Alpine area and, for as far as possible, there are only slight differences in altitude. The paths have always been there, but they have not yet been recorded in their totality in the form of a map, let alone marketed. Tourism specialist, hiking experts and cartographers walked the route, then drew, calculated, packaged and picture it. It is an ambitious project, since it spans three countries.

The stages are around 20 km long and each take about 6 hours to walk. Each stage leads along a defined route that can be walked in either direction. Each stage also offers at least one attractive culinary offering and ends in a place with suitable overnight accommodation options.

The joint Alpe Adria Trail web portal, which is available in English, German, Italian and Slovenian, presents the trail precisely, stage by stage, and offers all information required by hikers: from the level of difficulty, distance, ascent, descent, duration, the topmost and bottommost point to a detailed description of the trail and direction. The presentation enables the easy print module and the function to Download GPS Track. Furthermore, hiking packages are being prepared.



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