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WTM London – Slovenia marked by Ljubljana and EuroBasket

At this year’s central business event in the global travel industry, i.e. the WTM in London (5-8 November), Slovenia’s presentation will be marked by its capital, Ljubljana, and the largest sports event in the history of Slovenia – i.e. the European Basketball Championships, which will take place in Ljubljana and three other co-host towns in September 2013.

Ljubljana and EuroBasket 2013 will characterise the entire Slovenian stand, its appearance as well as the catering and happening. Seeing the importance of this prestigious event for Slovenia, the choice of this year’s theme was as clear as day, sport- and tourist-wise.

Ljubljana, as the central EuroBasket location, or, rather, Ljubljana Tourism will, hence, be the key partner of the Slovenian Tourist Board at this year’s WTM. The STB has taken care of the presentation of Slovenian tourism in this market since 1996 and has won a recognisable and important market position during this period by making top-quality appearances.

The animation stage at the Slovenian stand will represent an extension of street happenings, with a scene that is typical of Ljubljana – paved streets and lively happenings. A strong visual image will also be provided by a 25m2 large photo with a recognisable Ljubljana motif. Catering equipment, too, will be artistically related to EuroBasket, while the food, in line with the street concept, will be offered in the form of inventive “street food”. The stand will also feature the famous Ljubljana mascot, i.e. the Ljubljana dragon, which draws considerable attention at any major event and which was ranked among the best 2011 mascots by Eurosport, the leading sports multimedia platform in Europe.

All meetings and presentations to journalists, travel agents, other business partners and guests will also take place “on the street”.

On the second day of the Market, November 6, Slovenia will present and formally launch the EgoZero Portal at a panel discussion. Namely, Slovenia is the first country in the world that promotes itself as a destination that can be discovered without polluting the environment – it can be driven lengthwise using an electric-powered vehicle. A partner to the EgoZero project is Ljubljana Tourism, since Ljubljana represents the starting point for discovering Slovenia with the help of an electric vehicle. On the 3rd day of the Market, meetings will be held with representatives of green towns, while EgoZero, as a project, qualified for the WTM WRTD Speaker`s Corner. On 8 November, the 4th day of the Market, animation on the topic of EuroBasket 2013 will take place throughout the day.

Let us not forget that the Slovenian tourism presentation stand received an award in the “Best Stand for Interacting with Travel Agents” category at the last, 32nd World Travel Market in London.



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