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EDEN destinations receive strong promotional support in 2012

In 2012, when there was no new selection for an EDEN destination, the Slovenian Tourist Board, also at the level of the European Commission for the entire EDEN network, has been conducting active promotional support for the existing four Slovenian EDEN destinations and, to a certain extent, also for the 11 runners-up chosen in Slovenia in the past 4 years. The Soča Valley, the Solčavsko Region, the Kolpa River and Idrija represent the core of good green practice and green offer at the level of destinations in Slovenia – in other words, this is an actual and developed tourist product, ready to be sold.

This year’s activities include presentations on foreign fairs in Vienna, Brussels, Utrecht and Berlin, study trips to Slovenian EDEN destinations (for informers of Slovenian tourism, representatives of Slovenian EDEN destinations, organisers of travels within the framework of the Slovenian Incoming Workshop and foreign journalists – the last study trip was organised in June for a group of Dutch and Belgian journalists who visited all four destinations in five days), preparation of the EDEN guide ‘In Your Pocket’, preparation of EDEN stands for the promotional material of all destinations as well as promotion and marketing through the STB communication channels (EDEN website, social media, monthly news, public releases, Tur!zem magazine, etc.).

The new common brochure is presented in a special article on the right of this newsletter.

All this promotional support at the European level is priceless for these destinations, since all of them have a similar structure to their offer – composed of a larger number of smaller tourism providers that do not have big financial or personnel resources for appearances on foreign markets.

Moreover, the representatives of the previous expert committees for the selection of EDEN destinations visited individual destinations in May and June, where they have verified the situation on terrain and established, through a discussion with the representatives of the destinations, which are the key achievements of the destinations since receiving the EDEN title and which are the key challenges for the future.

A 3- and 1-minute presentation film was prepared for each destination. The films are available here:

- Idrija
- The Klopa River
- The Solčavsko Region
- The Soča Valley



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