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Do you like green, active and healthy? Feel Slovenia!

Slovenia is a true inspiration for all those who like the green of nature, like to be active and take care of health. Wherever you turn, everything is green. Wherever you go, expect a rapidly changing landscape that presents enormous opportunities for being active. Whatever you do, everything is dedicated to health and the idea of a healthy spirit in a healthy body. Slovenia has summarised the character of its tourist offer with the slogan ‘Green. Active. Healthy.’

Inspiration for ‘Green. Active. Healthy.’ holidays can be found anywhere: in views from your window, in the local food on your plate and exceptional wine in your glass, in every breath among forests, in the drop of water on your skin, in the breeze that blows in your direction, in the darkness of the mysterious Karst cave, in the edge of the city touching the forests and in the sun lurking behind Alpine peaks. This is a country for curious and demanding people who want to experience a place with their entire being.

Nature has been generous to Slovenia. The varied green landscape is mostly covered in forests (did you know that after Finland and Sweden, Slovenia is the third most forested country in Europe?), while grape vines are grown on the sunny slopes of hills in many areas.

For those heading back to nature, there are numerous natural parks, while Triglav National Park, one of the oldest such parks in Europe, encompasses Slovenia’s most beautiful mountains, the Julian Alps. In addition to the mountain peaks, there are hills all around the country that make popular excursion destinations. Stunning waterfalls and busy rivers, full of things to do, will provide a genuine experience of nature. There are also treasures hidden underground, in the magnificent caves of the Karst.

Along the coast, you can relax and regain your strength thanks to the Mediterranean climate and the riches of the Adriatic Sea or, alternatively, revive your spirit in one of the many spa and wellness centres throughout the country.

We have collected some ideas for a green, active and healthy vacation in Slovenia:

- If you start from the capital: After you discover the pleasant and experience-rich capital, do not forget that everything is easily accessible from Ljubljana. It is only 50 kilometres away from the splendours of the Karst with its luxurious underground caves and the very special traditions of the 500-year old horse-breeding tradition of the Lipica stud farm. You can explore the extensive coniferous forests, such as the virgin forest at Kočevski Rog, just 60 km from the capital.

- In another direction, it is only two hours’ drive to the natural and ethnographic peculiarities of the Pannonian basin and vineyard hills in the country’s east. On your way there, spend some time in Ptuj, the country’s most historic city, or in Maribor, it’s second largest, and the 2012 European Capital of Culture.

- Would you like to get to know the Slovenian Alps? Slovenia boasts many mountains and hills, which attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The most stunning peaks are in the Julian Alps, and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. There are plenty of hills in almost all parts of the country, and well-marked trails lead across them.

- Would you like to become part of life of the past? Logarska dolina is one of the most recognizable natural gems of Slovenia, while the panoramic route that leads to Solčavsko just above it guarantees an experience to remember. Around here, mountain farms preserve their traditions and homemade specialties.

- Do you like water activities? The beautiful, clean rivers are ideal for angling and all sorts of water sports. The emerald Soča River in Western Slovenia is one of the most magnificent of all rivers. The Soča Valley offers exhilaration on the water, in narrow ravines and in the skies above - along with exceptional opportunities for historical exploration on the routes between World War I memorials.

- What about waterfalls? Slovenia’s numerous waterfalls are a delight, and are classified as sites of special natural interest. They are most numerous in the Soča River area and in Triglav National Park.

- Would you like to discover the underground world? Each year, around a hundred new Karst caves are discovered in Slovenia, but just over 20 are set up to receive visitors. The largest and the most popular is Postojna Cave, where the olm, or human fish, lives, while many visitors are even more taken with the Škocjan Caves, which is a Unesco world heritage site.

- Fancy a round of golf? Numerous golf courses invite you to explore the country in all its regional and cultural diversity.

- Do you like thermal self-indulgence or active relaxation? Modern natural health resorts can be found in eastern Slovenia around the thermal and mineral springs that represent comprehensive destinations, including everything that you need for a healthy and diverse vacation. Why not check the Slovenian Spas`offer.

- Do you like environmentally friendly hotels? Slovenia is showing its commitment to having an environmentally responsible attitude with its numerous environmentally friendly accommodation facilities. In the embrace of the Julian Alps, you can experience the EKO Bohinj Park Hotel, while Wellness Park Laško Hotel (Thermana) is an outstanding hotel among spa hotels. If you like the countryside, you will be warmly greeted by the Urška tourist farm on Zreško Pohorje.

So, do you like Slovenia? See the new promotional movie Slovenia – Green. Active. Healthy.



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