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Forest reserve Smrečje

The forest reserve is located in the heart of the natural monument. The elevation ranges between 1017 meters and 1069 meters. The area is 95 ha and covered by a rare spruce forest association in Slovenia. Smrečje is a typical frost pocket where temperature and vegetation inversions are clearly noticeable. On clear and cool nights, mainly in the winter, spring and autumn, cold air moves down the slopes into the bottom of the depression and forms a layer which is as much as some ten meters thick. The result of lower temperatures in the bottom is a wegetation inversions from fir – beech woodland to spruce forest association representing extreme microclimatic conditions. The association consists of three subassociations. These are: spruce with sphagnum is found in dolines with higher soil humidty, spruce with Maianthemun bifolium which accours in the shady bottom of the dolines and spruce with beech is located on higher positions with less severe microclimatic conditions and more carbonate soil. Spruce is the dominent species (81%). Other species include beech (6%), fir (4%), maple (2%), rowan or mountain ash (1%). The stand volume is 192 m³/ha, annual increment 43 m³/ha, average tree height betwen 25 and 35 meters. The forest is frequently subject to this turbance from strong winds. In 1988 and 1993, 30 hectares where damaged. This disturbances are visible for a long time. After such a wind throw natural processes gradually restore and reforest that places. In order to observe the functioning and bahaviour of the forest in the frost pocked conditions, and in order to retain biodiversity, the reserve is left to its natural development without any interference from mankind. Gathering of mushrooms, herbs and other forest fruits, setting honeybee hives, hunting and building eleveted stands are not allowed!  

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