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Matkov Škaf - Tub above the Matkov Kot Valley

Matkov kot, 3335 Solčava
Alternatively referred to as Matk’s tub, Matk’s bucket, Matk’s tube or simply the snow pit, this natural seasonal phenomenon in the upper reaches of the Matkov Kot valley is one of the region’s most bizarre sights. Created by the force of a 40m waterfall which appears each spring as the snow begins to melt, the falling water slowly erodes an enormous hole in the compacted snow below. Although its size varies depending upon how much snow has fallen over the winter, the hollow usually reaches a depth of some 20-30m and measures between 10-20m across - in recent years it’s tended to be at the lesser end of these estimates. Located at a height of nearly 1500m, it’s quite a long hike from the nearest parking, as cars can only go as far as the dry river bed near the beginning of the valley. The best time to visit is in early June, and local tour agencies can arrange visits here, as well as a proper climbing adventure down into the icy abyss.  

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