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Ormož Lake

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A part of the former magnificent natural process of the Drava river which dynamically reshaped the Drava Plain is now reformed into the Ormož accumulation lake, which is located on the Drava river east of Ormož and represents the secondary water biotope. By the lake there are large reeds, bog land and marshy woods.  The Ormož Lake is a migration stopover point and winter quarters of numerous aquatic birds – ducks, geese, seagulls and terns. A rare dwarfish cormorant, rare for Slovenia spends winters here.
At the time of wintering of populations of European and Siberian aquatic birds, the Drava river is one of their most important locations in Slovenia, mainly its pre Pannonian intersection between Maribor and Središče ob Dravi. Even half of almost 40,000 aquatic birds, wintering in our country in the last years can be counted right here.
The Ormož Lake is also the only Slovenian overnight resting area for geese; there usually 1,000 to 2,500, exceptionally even up to 5,000 of these social birds gather. The most numerous among them are the bean geese, less frequent are the white-fronted and grey geese. They fly here as early as October, the majority in November, however, they fly away at the end of February or in the first days of March. Each morning they fly as far as 70 kilometres to the pasture areas. The area covered by the Ormož overnight resting area is at least 3,500 square kilometres large - so every evening, the geese bring back to Ormož the latest news from even four countries, which is a unique example for the whole of Europe.
A visit to Ormož Lake at the time of the geese's overnight resting area or otherwise is a special experience of nature and enables pleasant relaxation. That can be excellently combined with a visit to Ormož and its surroundings which are famous for excellent wines and culinary offer.
For a visit to Ormož Lake, you can use public transport as the railway and bus station are near, however, you can leave your car at the car park behind the railway station. We suggest that you go to the lake along the narrow asphalt road by the railway line, cross the little bridge and ascend to the ornithological observatory, from where there is a beautiful view of the lake. We also suggest using binoculars. You can continue your walk along the lake to the Ormož lagoons.
Riding motorbikes, bikes and similar on the crown of the embankment is not allowed. Mainly because the birds react to the quickly moving objects with flight, however, they almost have no fear if we quietly walk along the embankment

GPS Northing (N) : 46,3969 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,167 
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