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Gorjanci are the best known and visited mountain chain in Dolenjska that rise above Krško valley to their peak Trdinov vrh (1178 m). Slovene Gorjanci are a part of ecologically integrated area that spreads far over Croatian border. Gorjanci are an important reservoir of drinking water for a whole Novo mesto valley as there are numerous springs on their steep hillsides. Most famous of those are the mythological Gospodična and Minutnik, other clear streams like Kobila, Pendirjevka and Klamfer had carved deep and picturesque vales into northern hillsides. Natural characteristics are determined by vast beech forests with preserved remnants of primeval forest on Ravna gora and Trdinov vrh. They are variegated by floristically significant meadows and various forest habitats, which evolved under the influence of diversified ecological conditions mostly in Kobila valley. The range is set to be protected as a regional park. Tours: Gorjanci bare a great recreational value. There are numerous blazed mountain paths and two permanently supplied mountaineering houses at Gospodična and on Miklavž.  

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GPS Northing (N) : 45,7664 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,2973 
Administrator : Zavod za turizem Novo mesto | ++386 7 393 92 63 | | last modified: 09/06/2014
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GPS N: 45,7664
E: 15,2973

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