Jewels of nature

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Nature has been generous to Slovenia. The varied green landscape is mostly covered in forests, while grape vines are grown on the sunny slopes of hills in many areas. For those heading back to nature there are numerous natural parks, while Triglav National Park encompasses Slovenia’s most beautiful mountains, the Julian Alps. In addition to the mountain peaks, there are hills all around the country that make popular excursion destinations.
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Lakes are a constituent element in the exceptional level of water resources in Slovenia, which ranks amongst the ...

Karstic caves

There are over 9,000 karst caves in Slovenia, some of which are considered among the world’s most beautiful.

Mountains and hills

Countless hills and mountains dot the land, and well-marked trails lead across them.

Nature Parks

There are almost 50 natural parks, which offer wonderful opportunities for the active enjoyment of free time.


Slovenia is made green by forests, which cover almost 60% of the land.

Animal life

To make contact with wild animals in Slovenia you need only go to the edge of the forest, just outside the towns.


There are over 300 enchanting waterfalls in Slovenia, many of them are protected as sites of special natural ...


The picturesque sources of Slovenian rivers and their valleys attract lovers of nature, water sports and fishermen.

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