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Waterfall Kozjak

The Kozjak stream, a left tributary of the Soča River, springs from several catchment areas high under Mt. Krnčica (2,142 m), runs through many chutes, and drops over six waterfalls, of which only the last two are accessible to visitors.
At the mouth of the lower chute of the Kozjak stream, Slovenia's most picturesque waterfall was created: Veliki Kozjak. Almost 250 meters lower, the water falls again.

The characteristic surroundings of Veliki Kozjak create a special atmosphere. The waterfall hollowed out a sort of underground hall whose bottom is filled by a large blue-green pool and whose walls are sintered as in karst caves. The fifteen-meter high tower of white water reflects from the dimness of this little hall.
The Kozjak Waterfalls are accessible from the Kobarid-Drežnica road. There is a turnoff to the falls soon after the intersection beside the Napoleon Bridge.


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